Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday❤

祝我的宝贝-mini双晶,Happy Birthday o(^oo^)o


Now I declare you're officially an ADULT =]
Haha! Now you can do shopping like crazy with your cardS huh!
Remember shop something for me also wor..

No special surprise I can give, sorry about that =(
but I myself are reserved for you~
Treat me like your prisoner,your maid, your man and your boyfriend!
I will accompany you for the whole day without any excuses~

You're are the QUEEN from now on!!!!!!

Nevertheless, I also wish Tau dap dap Happy Birthday!
She is 3 years old this year! haha!
You're are also the queen tonight!

Muacks muacks!!! =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Langkawi photo

Don't blame me. What I have is only this. Most of the photo are at Crystal there. She is trying her best to edit more than 400+ photos. Guys, be patience ya (=

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 10


These words have surrounded me for the whole week. 11/03, that day was my SPM results day out. You know what? I got a sucks results with only 3As, I really never expect before, I thought at least I could acquire 5As. My mood was like 'Doom' fell into the deepest of antarctic ocean,DAMN! When I was complaining my BM's results to my friends, Hong Khai suddenly shout at me and ask me whether I could recognise a girl who is standing infront me but her back was facing me, I simply take a look on her, surprisingly I got shocked with the girl. She is CHEE SUANG JING!!! I was shocked until i don't know how to give response because she told everyone that she will be coming back on sunday. ARGH!!!! How can my response are more excited than I got my SPM results.SHIT! Anyway, we are so happy with your return. I miss you so much. Now, I was annoying about my courses. Don't know which courses to take.ERR!!

★很爱过谁会舍得 幸福宣布不会来了★